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I collected my thoughts and considered how I should begin. Then hefty types would turn up early morning banging down the door. "I'd taken small roles in advertising spots, commercials for dog food, cleaning fluid, that kind of thing. Whenever I've been desperate, she's helped me, slipped me the odd green bill. I'd never done it in front of the camera, but I was hardly a virgin. A junior receptionist answered, very polite but totally wet behind the ears. It was full of girls like me, starlets with their heads in the clouds and their feet in the gutter, desperate for a break. All I needed now were some decent shoes, stilettos, of course, and I just so happened to have the business."I suppose the story starts with the disappearance of my sister, Merideth," I sighed, laying my shot glass on the table. I told them I hadn't heard of Jennifer "So in the end," I continued, letting it be, deciding that I couldn't. They weren't roles to get me noticed, to make a statement or my name, but they were a start. "Pay me back when you win the lottery," she says with a wink. I saw a young woman in a crisp white blouse and a navy pleated skirt handing out questionnaires. After my last job they were throwing out these exclusive slippers, and it was such a shame to let them waste.

The camera sees everything, every nuance of your genitalia: everything, right to the very soul. Glimpses of the "Moulin Rouge" flashed through my mind. They read out the names, or rather, the older man did.

For the moment, I can only point you towards the clues: we require you to be broad minded; the job has necessitated examine you top to toe so to speak, and boyfriends often tend to be jealous. So perhaps it would be wise for you to assume the need for protection, just in case. I did so patiently, grinding out my revenge, forcing them to look at me some more. That gave me plenty of opportunity to open my legs. While I waited I reflected on how the presentation had gone. They sat chatting and smoking, filling time while the so-called dishy man of the previous day checked that our papers were all okay.

After that, I must allow you to draw your own conclusions. I finished with my top so that the last thing they saw of me almost, as I went out the door, was my large, nice, buoyant breasts. I noticed that I wasn't the only one looking awful that morning. No one's going to be listening too hard to what you're saying.

The fee is a generous one for this very reason, that we understand our terms "No, no," I exclaimed at once, frightened I might lose out on my hefty pay check. Yes, I'm still very much interested, whatever this is. While I waited, I grabbed myself a Coke from a machine down the corridor and then promptly spilt it over the carpet. The woman in the white blouse and pleated skirt told me not to worry, she would arrange for someone to mop up the carpet, but nobody came. A couple of the other girls looked just as wretched. You're eye candy, here to look decorative, not for your skill in presenting dense blocks of dialogue."The make up artist was waiting for us when we got to the dressing room.

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But can I ask, can I ask then..." I hesitated, blushing profusely, so very unlike me. Maybe it wasn't just the alcohol, maybe it was the early start and lack of makeup. She was an older woman who I guessed her to be in her mid forties.Not everyone looks their best straight out of the packet. You spend time doing your hair, the director of today's production. She rose from her chair as we walked in, stubbed out a cigarette, shook the ash from her apron and made a suspicious, semi-professional survey of us all.